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Posted on September 14, 2016

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 Windjammer Landing, located on the beautiful island of St.Lucia has been a very special place for me for 19 years. I’ve been spending my summers at Windjammer Landing since the little age of 3.

Growing up at this gorgeous resort not only turned me into the water baby I still am today, but also encouraged my brothers and I to stay healthy during our youth and now our adulthood.

The fitness centre… 

The fitness centre is a very new addition to the resort and for many of us it was extremely exciting to use this brand new, beautiful gym.

I usually walk from my villa at the top of the hill down to the fitness suite, just to make the most of the views and sunshine. Plus, it saves warming up when I get there!

The gym has really beautiful beach and ocean views. It’s not everyday you can be on a treadmill whilst staring into the Caribbean sea.

For me, the best part of the fitness suite is the yoga studio. 

Windjammer also provides yoga classes including paddle board and sun-rise yoga. I went to the full-moon yoga held on the beach which was very peaceful. A really amazing opportunity to have a class under the full-moon!

The spa…

The brand new spa really is a place of pure relaxation. Take a peek out of the window and your back looking at ocean views.

The spa offers a great range of products and treatments, but my favourite thing about the spa is the juice bar!

If you’ve had a big gym session the juice bar is a perfect stop on the way to the beach! I love popping in here for a mid-afternoon juice or a veggie and chicken wrap.

Water sports…

Windjammer’s water sports was really the highlight of my summer childhood! My family actually spent so much time doing water sports that my dad eventually got married ON the water sports dock!

If you’re a beginner at motorised water sports, Windjammer is a perfect place to learn. Being the Caribbean sea, the ocean is very flat and the instructors are very good with helping you develop. Water sports is free for owners and runs pretty much all day, so it’s easy to get good if your keen like me!

Here’s my water sports history… all learnt at Windjammer!

Age 6- I learnt the kneeboard

Age 10- Moved on to bigger and better things… I learnt water skiing.

Age 12- Who needs two skis? Mono-Skiing is more fun!

Age 14- It’s time for a challenge… let’s try wake boarding.

Age 22- Still keeping up the mono & wake boarding.

The water sports doesn’t just include motorised activities. There really is a fantastic range of activities from sailing, wind surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, pedalo boat and tube riding.

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